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Critically discuss the assumptions of the history of public relations and advertising . 10 marks

*That it was Western in origin . It was in fact Middle Eastern , with the first recognized act of PR being roughly the same years as the Prophet Mohammad. Only came to the West in the 19th century onwards.

*Only used for corporate purposes : Also used by governments fighting wars throughout history , as well as by NGO's looking to raise awareness .

*Made for manipulation : Used by democratic governments to build nationhood . Companies use it to improve customer relations

*Traditionally democratic : This is because modern companies value their input of internal and external stakeholders in their operations .

*Capitalistic in heritage . : The principles or PR can be applied in societies that aren't purely capitalistic in nature . Extensive use of PR can be found in parts of Russia during and following the Cold War .


Analyse the tensions created by technology , globalism , and multiculturalism within the context of global advertising and PR : 2 marks

* The interaction of the three variables leads to tensions that PR practitioners/Ad execs must dissolve on behalf of their organisations .

*Might be wise to define each of the three terms and give an example if an indepth question comes out .


Examine the influence of governments , corporations and private citizens on global communication . 3 marks

*Corporations are becoming more and more powerful
*Governments are even starting to pale in comparison
*The rights of private citizens can't be guaranteed if corporations keep getting more and more powerful .


Critically discuss the effect technology can have on class stratification using practical examples .

*Technology has a negative effect on class stratatification.
*As it gets more and more advanced , techonlogy needs more and more cheap labour to keep being produced . So rather than break down class barriers , tech reinforces them .
*Giving tech away for free to the underpriviledged people in the third world doesn't help as they have far more pressing short and long term needs like food .
*eg : any creation of a computer lab at a poor school . Rather make the entire area more financially stable than introduce tech sporadically that it makes little to no impact long term .

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