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List the various strategies that countries can use to protect their own cultural products . 5 marks

Quotas , Subsidies/Grants , Regional Alliances and co-productions , Adaptations of programmes produced in other cultures , Resistance measures .


Critically discuss Quotas 4 marks

*The US treats cultural products like any other good to be imported or exported .
*Meanwhile other countries claim cultural exception for AV products , labelling them as key indicators of national identity .


Critically discuss Subsidies and grants 3 marks .

*US doesn't support subsidies for development of TV and film
*Other countries give grants to the entertainment industry as they feel it might die without it .


Critically discuss Regional alliances , including co-productions 3 marks

*Specific care is taken in this instance to use national subsidies for co-productions .
*Advantages of co-productions : strong domestic market , increased access across cultures , wide name recognition , profitable .


Critically discuss Adaptations of programmes produced in other cultures 4 marks

*Countries that have a small production budget can't produce a high volume of product .
*Along with this people prefer content in their own language , so the solution is to buy the rights for already produced shows and remake them .
*The idea is foreign , the actors/set/writers are all local


Critically discuss resistance measures . 4 marks

*Some smaller cultures will resist media imperialism by producing more content .
*State owned satellties help braodcast local content cheaper
*SA exampe : Kyknet


Examine the management of cultural conflict within the context of global communication 6 marks

*Cultural conflict is present world wide .
*In a world where identity is becoming more and more shared , conflict arises when a minority aims to retain their uniqueness .
*Media adds o this cultural conflict by promoting the idea that all people are alike when they aren't .
* Media's ease of access allows to focus on consuming a hyper specfic brand of media tailored to them . This leads to us not learning about other cultures besides our own .
*This leads to ingrained prejudices over time .


Explain using examples the following processes and their implications within the context of global cultures : Hyrbridisation , Creolisation , Glocalisation 6 marks

*Creolisation refers to the mix of cultural frames within all of us , during which the dominant culture and submissive culture shares traits .
*Glocalisation refers specifically to immigrantion/resettling , where a local picks up traits of a place they are trying to settle into .
*Hybrisation refers to a cultural blend that has different parts of two or more cultures blended together . No one culture dominates and aspects of each culture are evident .

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