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possession defined

an immediate and exclusive possession under dominion and control with intent to excercise control


knowledge is a basic element of crimes related to illegal drugs.

means that knowledge of the character of the substance is essential to the offense of possession of narcotics


These are drugs that depress the central nervous system. they usually lead quickly to both psychological and physical dependence



like narcotics, this drug cause both psychological and physical dependence, the the dependence develops more slowly. they are central nervous system depressants



these drugs cause a rapid buildup of tolerance so that additional quantities are needed to achieve same stimulating effects. quickly leads to psychological dependence

stimulants.-amphetamines and methamphetaimines


these drugs cause sensory distortions and result in illusions and delusions



morphine base to produce diacetylmorphine, when blended with hydrochloric acid, forms into salt, easily soluble in water. resembles sugar or flour. white to ivory, dull or brownish gray, to brown. administered intravenously.

heroin- 4 main characteristics
1. kill pain, analgestic effect
2. soporific agents, they induce drowsiness, lethargy and sleep.
3. produce physical and psychological dependency.
4. generate a sense of euphoria


derived from leaves of South America coco busy and sometimes from bushes in West Indies, Java, India an Ceylon. Alkaloid is extracted from leaves. treated with hydrochloric acid. white fluffy crystalline power.

cocaine: feeling of exhilaration and euphoria. administered by snorting. Cocaine also smoked in two forms
1. freebase- dissolved in ether and heated to boil off impurities. grounded up and smoked.
2. crack- known as hubb or rock, crack- soaking cocaine in baking soda an water. mixture heated until water driven off. resulting crystals are crushed, heated, and smoked in crack pipe.


marijuana or pot

leaves or flowering top of the female hemp plant (Cannabissativa, C. indica).
Crude marijuana- part leaves, top, stems and seeds
Manicured marijuan-smaller particles of leaves and tops. Stems and seeds are removed.
Fresh marijuan- dark green and turns brown.
Bricks of crude marijuana- 3 in by 5 in and weigh two pounds


approx how many different chemicals in marijuana



psychoactive agent in marijuana is

THC- delta-9tetrahydrocannabinal.


marijuan with 1% THC

wild or uncultivated


marijuana with 3% THC

proper cultivation


marijuana grown in Columbia or Hawaii may have how much THC

between 4 and 6 percent


a hybrid without seeds, may have 8 to 14 percent of THC



two derivatives of marijuana are

Hashish- resin of marijuana flower is dried and compressed to make hashish, THC 8-14 percent
Hash oil- Amber to dark brown, is produced by boiling hashish in alcohol. THC 15-50 percent



known as speed, crank, meth. "poor mans cocaine". Chronic user is known as tweaker. Injected meth causes a flash or rush. taken every 4 to 8 hrs , leads to a "run"- periold of wakefulness lasting 2 to 5 days.


purified form of methamphetamine smoked in a glass pipe

Ice- When ice is heated, crystalls melt and vaporize and vapor is inhaled by user. One gram of ice id enough for 10 to 25 hits. Ice last for 8 hours or more.


labs that produce all the illicit methamphetamines that conume in US

Clandestine laboratories. Law enforcement seize almost 4 thousand meth labs annually.


Super labs

can produe 100 to 200 pounds of meth in each production cycle, require large quantities of pseudoephedrine to operate.


80% of all meth sold in US is controlled by

Mexican drug traffickers


Lab operators knows as



each pound of meth produces an estimated of _____ of hazardous waste

5 to 6 pounds


americans consume over 22 tons of meth a year, this creates between how much of hazardous waste that is dumped

110 and 150 tons


cost of cleaning up a super lab site

as much as quarter of a million dollars



street name; angel dust, dust and PCP. PCP will produce hallucinations and in some users, will evoke violent suicidal impulses.


semisynthetic drug derived from a fungus that contaminates rye bread.

Lysergic Acid Diethylamide or LSD- first synthesized in 1938, its psychoactive properties were discovered until 1943. Can produce hallucinations lasting 10 to 12 hrs.



methylenedioxymethamphetamine MDMA- developed in 1912, as appetite suppressant. Most produce in Europe. Usually consumed at "raves", where user spends the night dancing to music.


Date rape drug; known as roofies; sleeping pill not licensed in US, legal in Europer, South America



Drug selling orginizations

Mafia (La Cosa Nostra) crime families
jamaicans- posses
asian- chinese, vietnamese, korean
motorcycle gangs
prison gangs
street gangs


with roles in the sales-marketing pyramid

Mafia and Columbians are generally organized along family lines


sophisticated crime mobs dealing primarily in crack.

Jamaican "posses"
ruthless and extensive violence


in warrantless arrestes of possession of dangerous drugs or narcotics, investigator must act within the legal image of a

Reasonable person- Test is: would the facts from which the arresting officer acted warrant a person of reasonable caution to believe that a crime was committed.. Courts also take into consideration the officers expertise from training or experience .


Draper v United States

informant informed that Draper had gone to Chicago and would return by train with heroin. Description and bags description was provided. officer at train station had verified all of the informants info, except whether DRaper had accomplished his mission and had the heroin. The officer had "reasonable grounds" to believe that the remaining unverified bit of informants info- that Draper would have heroin.


search warrant needs

probable cause


___is the constitutional test of any warrantless search.



working off a beef

informants in these investigations are arrestees who have agreed to cooperate in revealing their suppliers in return for leniency


working-up investigations

working up the drug-selling marketing pyramid. Arrest is first made at the sales level of pyramid, then supplier of this dealer is arrested and onward and upward.


lateral snitching

informing only on drug sellers who are equal to or lower than themselves


corroborating the expected testimony of an accomplice witness against a major manufacturer, dealer or importe is more or less a

paper chase.