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Criminal Inv-Chapter 1, Evolution of Policing and Investigation
Edition is dedicated,
Evolution of policing and investi...
83  cards
Criminal Inv-Chapter 2, Rules of Evidence and Arrest
Search warrant
39  cards
Criminal Inv-Chapter 3, Crime Scene
Criminal investigation is,
Objective of a criminal investiga...,
Successful investigations are bas...
57  cards
Criminal Inv-Chapter 4, Circumstantial Evidence
Two kinds of proof,
Direct evidence,
Circumstantial evidence
40  cards
Criminal Inv-Chapter 5, Laboratory and Technical Serv
Trustworthiness of an expert is i...,
Any suspicion of subjectivity or ...,
44  cards
Criminal Inv-Chapter 6, Basic Investigative Leads and Informants
Active informtion,
Passive information,
Fingerprints found at crime scene...
32  cards
Criminal Inv-Chapter 7, Interviewing and Interrogations
Interview at crime scene designed to,
What percentage of interviews are...
41  cards
Criminal Inv-Chapter 8, Crimes of Violence
First degree murder,
Second degree murder,
53  cards
Criminal Inv-Chapter 9, Sexual Assaults
In common law rape was defined as...,
Means used to overcome the will o...,
Aggravated rape
46  cards
Criminal Inv-Chapter 10, Robbery
Essentail elements of robbery are,
Presence of a possessor means,
Against the possessors will
14  cards
Criminal Inv-Chapter 11, Arson,Bombings and Hate Crimes
Fires set by arsonists and explos...,
Who defined arson as the maliciou...,
Corpus delicti in arson case requ...
33  cards
Criminal Inv-Chapter 12, Property Crimes
Fbi uniform crime reports on burg...,
Probability of profit and saftey ...,
Investigative phase
27  cards
Criminal Inv-Chapter 13, Dangerous Drugs
Possession defined,
Knowledge is a basic element of c...,
These are drugs that depress the ...
40  cards
Criminal Inv-Chapter 14, Special Investigations
Asian criminal organization in te...,
Ideally the person to lead a comp...,
Hackers are tresspassers intruder...
11  cards
Criminal Inv-Chapter 15, Terrorism
After 911 congress passed legistl...,
Title 18 section 2331 of usc defi...,
47  cards
Criminal Inv-Case briefs
Mapp v ohio 1961 search and seizure,
Katz v us 1967 search and seizure,
Dalia v us 1979 search and seizure
15  cards
Criminal Inv-Ch 16, The Investigator as Witness and Ethical Awareness
Used as a euphemism for corruptio...,
Law enforcement ethics includes t...,
Used in its traditional sense inv...
9  cards

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