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essentail elements of robbery are

taking personal property from the person
taking against the possessors will
taking by force or fear


presence of a possessor means

within sight or hearing of the victim


against the possessors will

is implied in the force and fear element of robbery, which must be adequate to frighten victim and make victim part with his property


FBI uniform crime reports on robbery 2008

441,855 robberies in US
145.3 per one hundred thousand inhabitants
losses $581 million
average loss $1315
43.5% firearms used
40.2% strongarm tactics
27% cleared by arrest or exept


robbery divided into degrees

first degree-armed with dangerous or deadly weapon likely to cause death or serious bj
2nd degree- physical force or threats but w/o weapon, including purse snatching


1969 California top court repudiated the doctrine

any movement of the robbery victim amounted to kidnapping


People v Timmons

court held that true test was whether the movement of victim substantially increased the risk of harm beyond that inherent in robberies



victim consents because of induced by persuasive threats that are related to future harm or disgrace rather than here and now harm.


badger game

extortion scheme. woman places a selected victim in a comprising position (nude, in bed, motel) then victimizes him by demanding money. Male accomplice breaks in pretending to be outraged husban threatening violence, scandel. Harassment of victim is key to success of this scheme.


1890 a scam described by New York City Police Dept as badger game. who is det

Chief of Detectives James Byrnes


Robbery- three styles

Ambush robbery
selective-raid robbery
planned-operation robbery


spontaneous play group

members drawy from NY notorious "roberts lounge gange. customers frequenting a small bar near cargo areaof John F Kennedy Intern Airport. they would assemble daily at this bar. 7 members carries out robbery at Lufthansa air cargo terminal at JFK. Loot totaled $8 million in cash, jewels and gold.


Link-ups or connect-ups

indicate the operations of a group.


Problems of proof:
First major problem of proof in robbery cases concerns the defendant; ______ him or her as robber. Second major problem is how to show conclusively that the crime committed is a robbery