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Who were the three groups that mainly criticised the New Deal?

Left wing
Right wing
Supreme Court


What was the criticism from the left wing?

Believed the new deal still wasn't doing enough to help people e.g black people still not helped


What did (left wing) Huey long say?

More should be done to help poor people


What did (left wing) Father Coughlin do?

He had a radio show with 30-40 million listeners and said more needs to be done to help


What was the criticism from the right wing?

They believed the new deal was doing too much
They thought the government was taking control and Roosevelt was behaving like a dictator


Why were the (right wing) rich unhappy?

They had to pay high taxes


What did the Supreme Court say?

Some parts of the new deal are illegal (unconstitutional) because they affected people's rights and took away the states powers e.g the NRA


What did Roosevelt have to do as a result of the Supreme Court?

Change some parts of the New Deal


Why did business men hate the new deal?

It interfered with their business and supported workers rights so right people accused Roosevelt of betraying his class

Henry ford hired thugs to attack his trade union workers


Why did republicans hate the expenditure?

They felt it was wasteful
Thought poor people were responsible for their own problems and It wasn't the governments job to look after them


What happened in 1938?

Republicans took over the senate and Roosevelt was unable to get anymore new deal legislations through