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What was the main reason Hoover lost?

He was blamed for the depression and for not doing enough to solve it as he thought "prosperity is just around the corner"


What was a popular slogan of the time?

" in Hoover we trusted and now we are busted"


How else was hooves unpopularity shown?

The term 'Hoovervilles' was an insult the president as they blamed him for the poverty


Why did Hoovers reluctance to get rid of prohibition damage his reputation?

It would have created thousands of jobs winning back support

Would have deprived gangsters of their livelihood


Who were the bonus marchers?

In 1932 15000 men who had fought in ww1 and had been promised a bonus so marched to Washington to protest for the money they were owed


What was Hoovers reaction to the bonus marchers?

The army was brought in to move them on
They used tear gas and two babies died from the effect

Americans were outraged at the treatment of the ex servicemen


What was the main reason Roosevelt won?

He promised to solve the depression
Promised to end prohibition


What did Roosevelt use to persuade people?

Used the radio to persuade people he was the best man for the job


What was the 'Smilette' poster?

Propaganda from Roosevelt election campaign that mocked Hoovers policy of rugged individualism


What did Roosevelt promise as he travelled across America?

Promised action and hope

Talking about providing leadership and action without going in to precise details


Why was Roosevelt seen as very caring?

He travelled round America listening to people


How much did Roosevelt win the election by?

Won 42/48 states getting 57% of the vote

Won by 7 million votes (worst defeat of republicans ever)


What was one good think and one bad thing that hoover did?

He passed a bill in 1932 that allowed congress to spend $2.1 billion on creating new jobs

His heavy import taxes strangled international trade


Who did Roosevelt Seek advice on important issues from?

A range of experts including factory owner and union leaders


By travelling the country how much ground did Roosevelt cover?

20,800 km


What was one good thing and one bad thing Hoover did?

1932 passes a bill allowing congress to spend 2.1 billion on creating new jobs

Heavy import duties strangled trade