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How do we know the new deal was partly successful?

YES: Roosevelt won the 1936 election by even more votes

Unemployment had fell by half by 1937


What happened when Roosevelt stopped spending as much money on unemployment?

NO: It rose quickly to 10 million until he started spending again


Why else was the new deal unsuccessful?

Business was still 25% less than it had been in 1929


What was the impact of WW2?

America didn't join war until 1941 but sold supplies e. Lend Lease Programme (sending Huge supplies to Britain)
Which led to the American economy recovering


What happened from 1942 onwards as a result of war?

Unemployment fell to almost 0 as 12 million men had joined the army by 1945


Overall was the new deal successful?

It was partly successful but it was WW2 which solved the depression