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What is synchronous and asynchronous

Synchronous training is when students and teachers are meeting together in real time,.

Asynchronous is when students and teacher are not meeting together in real time.


One of the characteristics of adult learning is that adults are autonomous and self directed. What is an implication of this characteristic that the instructor should be aware of?

The instructor must involve participants in the training


Computer-based training is most useful for which type of training type?

Self Paced Learning


What serves as the basis for curriculum development

Course outline


What are the 3 major delivery methods for teaching a course or training?

Instructor Led
Self-Paced Learning
Structured On-The-Job Training


In general, how long must training records be kept?

3 years from the date of the training


What 4 elements should be considered when developing written performance objectives for training?

-Target Audience


What type of analysis is performed to determine the training needed by the organization?

Context analysis


What are the optimal font sizes for power point presentations

For presentations seen from:
25 ft away= 1/8” font
50 ft away= 1/4“ font
100 ft away= 1/2” font


Which of the following should be performed before developing a safety training program?

A needs analysis


What type of analysis focuses on prospective students and instructors?

User Analysis


What training method incorporates both visual and audible aids?

PowerPoint presentation


What is the primary purpose of training?

To solve a problem in the workplace


What training delivery systems are shown to have the highest retention rate/ most effective among adult learners?

1)Teaching others 90% retention rate
2) Practice by doing 75% retention rate
(Structured on the job training)
3) Group discussion 50% retention rate
4)Demonstration 30 %
5) Audiovisual 20%
6) Reading 10%
7) Lecture 5%


What is a general rule for font size of power point presentations

It should be at least 16 point font for optimal viewing


What is the first step when creating a structured formal training program

Performance analysis


Which tests are used to gather quantitative measurements of a course?

Pretests and Posttests


What should the difference between font sizes be between the text and the headline

At least a 2 point difference


What type of test is given during the presentation phase of training?

Review test


What are the critical components of structured on-the-job- training?

-Conducted by supervisor who serves as INSTRUCTOR
-Goals and objectives established prior to training
-Supervisor documents that training has been completed


What type of letters work best in visual presentations

Block letters


What type analysis focuses on the documents used in a job?

Content analysis


In what situation might a training suitability analysis be conducted?

When it is unclear whether training will solve the defined problem


When researching a task and determining that teaching employees how to properly perform that task to solve a problem, it is an example of a:

Performance analysis


What should be avoided when selecting a computer based training program?

One which allows the student to go straight to the course test.


What is most important factor when designing a power point

Font size and style


What is the first section of a course outline and what are its elements?

Course Description includes Prerequisites, Content of Course, Teaching Methods


What type of analysis focuses on desired skill and performance requirements of job being performed?

Work Analysis


What is an example of a leading indicator for determining if employees are applying training on the job

Using trained employees to observe employee behaviors


What are training requirements for employees at mine site?

Above Ground employees 24 hours
Below ground employees 40 hours