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Component of fall arrest system consisting of a flexible line for connection to an anchorage at one end to hang vertically or street horizontally



If current is passed through the body, heart paralysis will occur at:

4 A


What size pinch point is known as a danger point or line?

Narrows to 3/8” or less (approximate size of a finger)


What constitutes a Class 1B flammable liquid

Flash point below 73 F and a boiling point at or above 100 F


What is IDLH

The concentration of a substance that will cause, in 1 minute or less, permanent irreversible effects or death

Immediately Dangerous to Life and Health


What concept is particularly important when addressing most chemical spills?

Specific Gravity


What industrial disease is usually associated with diacetyl?

Bronchiolitis obliterans

Commonly known as “popcorn lung” due to it being common in workers in microwave popcorn factories from overexposure to the diacetyl in the popcorn butter/oil


What type of sprinkler system would most likely be installed in a data center or museum?

Preaction system


What amount of current can a person withstand while still maintaining control of their arm and hand muscles?

10 mA


Depth at which a protective systems in trenches must be designed by a registered professional engineer

20 ft or more


What is the work/rest ratio for an employee with a moderate workload in an environment of 88 degrees Fahrenheit

25% work/ 75% rest

According to permissible heat exposure TLV


On a multi-employer worksite, which employer type has the authority to ensure hazardous conditions are fixed?

Controlling employer


What constitutes a Class IA flammable liquid?

Flash point below 73 F and a boiling point below 100 F


Per OSHA general industry standards, what is the vertical height a guardrail must have from the upper surface of the top rail to the floor?

42” ‘pm’ 3”


What is the MOST common shock-related nonfatal injury from electricity?



What are the 3 basic elements of a biological safety containment program?

-Laboratory practice and technique
-Safety Equipment
-Facility Design


Explain classes of hard hats

Class G (General)- proof tested to 2200 V

Class E (Electrical)- proof tested to 22000 V

Class C (Conductive) do not provide protection from electrical conductors


What is rating of basket hitch relative to straight pull

Rated twice that of straight pull

Ex. If a cable is rated at 1000 lbs straight pull, a basket hitch would increase that rating to 2000 lbs


How many feet of “rise” should be present for each foot of “run” in a properly set ladder

4 feet rise/run


What are the maximum allowable sizes for glass/plastic containers and safety cans for Class IA flammable liquids?

Glass/Plastic Container= 1 pint
Safety Can= 2 gallons

*These are OSHA standards


A component of a fluid that has a low vapor pressure is called

A heavy component


Consists of straps that are secured around an employee that distribute the fall arrest forces over the thighs, pelvis, waist, chest, and shoulders

Body Harness

(Parts of fall arrest system)


What is the name of the occupational exposure associated with cotton or flax dust?



What is the rating of a choker hitch in terms of straight pull

typically rated 75-80% of a straight pull (depending on the horizontal angle)


If a material has a specific gravity LESS than 1, it will:

Float on water


What are approved protective systems for excavations

-Shield systems
-Sloping and benching
-Shoring systems


The work rest on a bench grinder must be adjusted to:

What is purpose of the work rest:

Within 1/8” of abrasive wheel

Prevent the workpiece from getting jammed in the wheel (located lower part of wheel)


What are the 3 levels of analysis for the NEPA process?

-Categorical Exclusion
-Environmental Assessment/ Finding of No Significant Impact (EA/FONSI)
-Environmental Impact Analysis


Which type of radiation is the most serious hazard to lungs and internal tissues

Alpha particles


What must a tongue guard be adjusted to on a bench grinder:
What is the purpose of a tongue guard:

Must be adjusted to within 1/4” of wheel

To stop fragments from flying out and hitting operator if wheel shatters during operation (upper part of wheel)