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Process of agreeing upon objectives within an organization so that mgmt and employees agree on the objectives and understand their roles in an organization

Management by objectives


Accident prevention theory that states that accidents result from interactions among humans, machines, and the environment

Systems theory


According to motivation theory, the safety professional can best improve safety performance by:

Providing recognition for proper safety performance

Note: Behavior theory and behavior based safety all consider praise and recognition as the primary driver of behavior changes


What accident theory was formulated on the basis of vehicular safety

Energy Release Theory

Formulated by Dr William Haddon


What are the 5 elements of behavior based safety systems?

-Identify behaviors that affect safety
-Define them to be able to measure performance
-Develop mechanisms to measure and set reasonable goals
-Provide feedback
-Reinforce progress


OSHA Form 300
OSHA Form 300A
OSHA 301 log

300 “log” lists all recordable injuries from the previous year
300A is summary of recordable incidents from previous year
301 log is an illness and injury report


What are some examples of deductive methods?

Fault tree analysis
Fishbone analysis


According to OSHA, who has the primary responsibility for safety in the workplace?



What does the acronym SMART stand for?



What is the main goal of management by objectives

Create goals using input from both management and employees


Accident prevention theory that states accidents are completely the results of human error

Human Factors Theory


Frequency of crane inspections by competent person



Leadership style in which employees are allowed to participate in the decision making process and are given some latitude in carrying out their work

Permissive democrat


What is an example of a leading indicator of a safety program

Near miss reporting- shows people are engaged in safety day to day


Which OSHA form must be publicly posted?



Accident theory that states a personal injury only occurs as a result of a hazard, which exists only through the fault of careless persons or poorly designed or improperly maintained equipment

Heinrich’s theory

Accidents were primarily the result of unsafe acts (88%) or unsafe conditions (10%). Only 2% are unavoidable.


Leadership style in which the leader makes decisions unilaterally but gives employees latitude in carrying out their work

Permissive autocrat


What are the 4 elements of OSHAs voluntary protection program

-Management Leadership and Employee Involvement
-Worksite Analysis
-Hazard Prevention and Control
-Safety and Health Training


Study of the behavior of dynamical systems that are highly sensitive to initial conditions

Chaos theory


How do you calculate future value?

The formula is F=P(1+i)n(exponent)

F=future value
P=Present Value
I=interest rate
N=Number of years

Order of operations
1)calculate 1+i in parenthesis
2)calculate exponent n using ^ button on calculator
3)multiply by F


Theory that makes the following general assumptions about: Work is generally distasteful, people are not ambitious and prefer to be directed and has a negative view of human nature:

Theory X

It also states that people are self centered, motivation occurs only to meet physiological and and security needs, people resist change, people are gullible and unintelligent, people have little aptitude for creativity in solving organizational changes


When auditing safety and health programs, what is the best way of determining if they are implemented properly?

By observing employees performing the procedures during operations


Loss of situational awareness as a result of fatigue, illness, stress, substance abuse or a similar condition is known as what?

Impairment Factor


Short term schedule involving a two to four week look ahead enabling the contractor to react to changes with agility

SIPS (Short Interval Production Schedule)


Statistically speaking, which group of employees is most at risk of an injury?

New employees


Theorizes that employees are motivated primarily at the self esteem and actualization levels

Theory Y

Developed by McGregor in 1960
*Positive view of human nature compared to Theory X


Continuous improvement quality model that consists of four repetitive steps conducted in a logical sequence

Deming Cycle or PDCA cycle

Plan, Do, Check, Act


A timeline showing a day week month when certain project activities should be accomplished

Gantt chart (helpful for viewing project at the Macro level


When conducting an injury and illness records analysis, how far back might one have to go to collect adequate information from a small site?

3-5 years


What professionals should be involved in the development of medical safety program?

An occupational health consultant and site safety officer