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Where does much of Daisy's power lie?

In her voice.
- Gatsby says that her voice is "full of money".
- Nick says that there's "an excitement in her voice... a singing compulsion, a whispered 'Listen'".


What does the power of Daisy's voice link to?

The mythological Sirens - The sirens sang irresistible songs, causing sailors to throw themselves into the sea and drown (Gatsby drowns).


What indicates Daisy's lack of depth?

Her use of short questions, hyperbole and pointless stories - Beneath her attractive appearance and appealing voice she is shallow.


Why does Daisy murmur deliberately?

"to make people lean towards her". The attractive power of her voice is just a meaningless trick that she uses to manipulate people.


What quote suggests that Daisy is more interested in Gatsby's possessions that Gatsby himself?

"It makes me sad because i've never seen... such beautiful shirts before".


Why does Fitzgerald make Daisy wear white all the time?

White is an absence of colour, so this could be implying that metaphorically she's a blank canvas that can be manipulated in any way that the other characters want.


What is the significance of Daisy saying a beautiful fool is "the best thing a girl can be"?

A beautiful girl will be able to attract a rich husband, and a fool won't notice or care if her husband controls her and cheats on her.


Why may Nicks portrayal of Daisy be biased?

He feels bitter towards her after Gatsby's Death; he's angry that she hasn't "sent a message or a flower".