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How women portrayed as liberated in the novel?

The female guests at Gatsby's parties are described as "wanderers, confident girls" - they aren't tied to men.


Contradict how women are liberated.

Despite their liberated appearance, there are hints that sexist values exist - wives are "lifted kicking into the night" by their husbands


Describe how Daisy is liberated.

Young Daisy had a "little white roadster" and she was sexually liberated, freely flirting with army officers.


What is Daisy's life defined by?

Her relationships with men - when she was young she "wanted her life shaped", and saw marriage as the only way she could do this. She is Tom's wife, not her own person.


Why is the novel's focus mostly male?

Gatsby is the protagonist, Nick is the narrator, and Tom helps to drive the plot forward - both by his affair with Myrtle and by forcing a confrontation with Gatsby.


What are women props for?

They are props to reveal the male characters' personalities
e.g. Daisy's main role is as the object of Gatsby's desire.