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What does the novel's title sound like?

A magicians act, emphasising the idea that Gatsby has created an illusion.


What makes Gatsby seem God-like at his parties?

- He watches the crowds from above and stands "alone on the marble steps". He seems to be in control of his American Dream.
- But when Daisy finally comes to a party he mingles with the crowd, loses his God-like status, feels far away from Daisy and hints at the failure of his American dream.


What does Fitzgerald pin the American Dream down to?

- Gatsby has to adopt the persona of an eccentric aristocrat to be accepted.
- His dream of obtaining Daisy fails because of his class, which suggests that the American Dream is no longer feasible.


Gatsby's dream of an idealised Daisy falls away, what does this reveal?

The corruption that money causes, which also reinforces the idea that the American dream has been replaced by the selfish and immoral pursuit of wealth.