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Beneath the glamour of the upper class, what is the truth?

They have no purpose - Daisy asks what they should do "this afternoon... and the day after that, and the next thirty years?'


How are many friendships superficial?

Gatsby's parties are full of enthusiastic meeting between women who never knew each other's names". This shows that society is full of pretence and loneliness.


What supports that behind the lighthearted partying, much of society was deeply unhappy?

Many of Gatsby's guests had tragic fates, e.g "drowned", "strangled his wife", "killed himself".


What did the American dream state?

Any individual should be able to achieve success through their own ambition and hard work, without being held back by their social class or family background.


How does Fitzgerald describe the American dream to be corrupted?

Instead of the pursuit of happiness, it is the pursuit of wealth - Daisy is described in materialistic terms, emphasising her status as a symbol of wealth.


Give 2 examples to show Daisy is a symbol of wealth.

- Daisy is described as "gleaming like silver" - she appears to embody the phrase 'made of money'.
- Many men loved her which "increased her value" - this makes her sound like an item that is in high demand.