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What do Christians believe about God the Father?

God created all, his relationship with the world is that He is a loving Father who cares about his children. He also came to the earth as a judge.


What do Christians say about God the Son?

God came to earth to show people how to live, He came as Jesus and eventually sacrificed Himself upon the cross to enable humans to be forgiven for their sins.


What do Christians believe about God the Holy Spirit?

God lived amongst the world to inspire and guide people to live as God wants.


What is it called when humans are enabled to be forgiven for their sins?



What is deity?

Another word for God.


Why do Christians believe in God?

• Universe = complex therefore someone had to create it, this someone being God.
• Universe = has a purpose.
• Personal experience
• Family is religious therefore been brought up that way.
• Bible stories are literally true.
• Miracles.


What are the four types of miracles?

The natural miracles
Casting out of demons
Healing the sick
Raising the dead.


What are Christian attitudes towards miracles?

Christians believe that God still performs miracles today. These occurrences are evidence of God’s omnipotence. However some Christians do not believe that miracles are true as they believe why would God perform miracles for some and not others.


What do some Charismatic Christians believe?

The Holy Spirit can move them in worship to speak in tongues or prophesies. They are examples of gifts from the Holy Spirit.


What do Christians believe about atheism?

The belief that there is no God.


What is the Holy Trinity

The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit.


What does it mean to be omnipotent?



What does omni-benevolent?

All- loving


What does it mean to be omniscient?

To be all knowing.


What does blasphemy mean?

To say disrespectful things about God.


What is the cosmological argument?

The argument that says God must have caused the universe.


What is monotheism?

The belief that there is only one God.


What Bible passage shows that God is omnipotent?

"i am the lord the God of all mankind. is anything too hard for me?" Jeremiah 32:27


What Bible passage shows that God is omniscient?

"Praise be to the name of God for ever and ever; wisdom and power are his" Daniel 2:20


What do Christians say about how the Holy Spirit works in Christian's lives today?

- Helps them to understand what God wants from them.
- Gives them the courage to do what God wants.
- Helps them to resist doing wrong.
- Helps them to cooperatively work with others.
- Helps them tell others about their faith.


Why don't some people believe in miracles?

Atheist's would say that there is a scientific explanation for everything that happens that is unusual.


What do Christians believe about God working through Jesus?

- When Jesus spoke he gave the words of God.
- When Jesus healed people through miracles, he showed God's love and power.
- When Jesus rose from the dead he showed God's promise for eternal life.