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What is a DOS attack?

-When a website or a network is targeted with the intention of making it unavailable to user
- Designed to hold an organisation to ransom, put a competitor out of business or he politically motivated.


What happens in a DOS attack?

- The attacker monopolises the bandwidth available to the server
- This results in the server ‘crashing’ in majority of cases as it can’t cope with the number of requests


How do you know if there has been a DOS attack?

- a network under attack may show a slowing in performance or a total loss of access
- users can’t access the server/ websites (tickets for major events going on sale)


What are the costs associated with a DOS attack?

- Revenue :
• Loss of sales due to system being down
- Repair :
• Hardware may need to be replaced e.g. - memory, hardcore, processor
- Labour :
• Testing
• Takes time to rebuild system
• Detecting attack


What are the types of DOS attack?

- Bandwidth consumption:
• using all bandwidth thus not allowing genuine users access

- Resource starvation:
• an attack is able to consume a particular resource until it is exhausted