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Seborrheic Dermatitis


D/S Chronic functional disease of sebaceous glands; increase in amount and quality of sebaceous secretion; infancy
E/T Idiopathic; heredity; emotional stress
S/S Skin eruptions on areas of scalp, eyelids, cheeks, beard, chest, axillae, groin; brown- yellow or red; scalp itches, reddened
D/X Observation, history; differentiate from psoriasis
T/X Shampoos containing selenium sulfide/zinc pyrithione; hydrocortisone creams; scrupulous skin hygiene, keeping skin dry
P/P Good with treatment; secondary infections can occur/Adequate diet, sleep, exercise; sensible work habits; stress reduction


Contact Dermatitis


D/S Acute skin inflammation caused by direct action of various irritants on skin or by contact with allergic/sensitive substance
E/T Animal, vegetable, mineral substances
S/S Erythema, appearance of small skin vesicles that ooze, scale, itch, burn, sting; hot, swollen
D/X Visual appearance, medical history; patch test
T/X Skin cleansed; lotions, creams
P/P Self-limiting/Avoid known irritant/allergen


Atopic Dermatitis (Eczema)


D/S Inflammation of skin; infants
E/T Idiopathic; allergic, hereditary, psychological component
S/S Pruritus, lesions on face, neck, upper trunk, bends of knee, elbows; vesicular, exudative eruptions
D/X Skin observation, medical history; serum immunoglobulin E levels
T/X Local and systemic anti-itching agents; careful, daily skin care; total avoidance of irritants
P/P Good; may become infected/Avoid known irritants