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Skin Carcinomas


D/S Basal and squamous cell carcinomas most common; basal very rarely metastasize; squamous more serious because of metastasis
E/T Repeated exposure to sun ultraviolet rays; radiation exposure; chronic skin irritations, inflammation; exposure to carcinogens
S/S Most common lesions on sun- exposed areas (face, chest, back, ears, forearms, back of hands); painless; basal are smooth, small, waxy nodule, appear translucent; squamous are firm, red nodule with visible scales; ulcerate, form crust
D/X Medical history, observation of skin lesions; biopsy
T/X Complete eradication of lesions; surgery, radiation, electrodesiccation, cryosurgery, laser therapy
P/P Good if detected early and treated/Avoid overexposure to sun; use sunscreen


Malignant Melanoma


D/S Neoplasm composed of abnormal melanocytes appearing in epidermis, dermis; superficial spreading, lentigo maligna, nodular, acral- lentiginous; causes more deaths than any other skin disease
E/T Ultraviolet rays suspected; unknown; fair complexion, blue eyes, red/blond hair, freckles
S/S Lesions having irregular borders, diversity of colors
D/X Biopsy lesion
T/X Level of invasion, measure of melanoma’s thickness determines treatment; surgical excision, chemotherapy
P/P Related to level of dermal invasion, thickness of lesion/Avoid overexposure to sun, ultraviolet rays; seek immediate treatment of suspected lesions