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Which measure of central tendency is least bistable for normally distributed data?

The mean.


Which measure of central tendency is least bistable for non-normally distributed data?

The median.


What does a probability distribution allow that a frequency one does not?

Comparisons irrespective of sample size.


Give 2 advantages of frequency plots.

They display all data points making no assumptions and they show potential outliers/odd ball values in context.


Give 2 disadvantages of frequency plots.

Not very good as summaries and often have so many distributions that comparisons are difficult.


Give 3 advantages of box plots.

They make very few assumptions, highlight potential outliers/odd ball values and facilitate comparisons between conditions.


Give 2 disadvantages of box plots.

Plotting outliers can lead to a cluttered figure and a focus on them rather than the overall pattern of results.


Give a formal definition of statistics.

A function of a sample where the function itself does not depend on the sample.”


Briefly describe the Bayesian approach.

Uses subjective probability and asks about the likelihood of a view given the data.


Briefly describe the frequentist approach.

Uses objective probability and asks about the likelihood of the data given a view of how the world works.


How do we decide to reject a hypothesis, when any result is possible, but some are very unlikely?

Make an a priori decision as to what results are too unlikely.