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What is the aim of Development?

To give recruits the basic information they need to adjust quickly.


What is the first type of Development Information?

- Industry information
- History and philosophy
- Goals and strategies
- Management structure, policies and procedures


What is the other type of Development Information?

- Work schedules, hours
- Pay rates, benefits and conditions
- Supervisors and subordinates
- Technology used


What are the 2 types of Training?

On the Job and Off the Job.


What are the features of On the Job training?

- Being shown what to do, asking questions, watching work
- Job rotation, mentoring, internship, special assignment


What are the advantages of On the Job training?

- Provides experience
- High realism
- Productivity while learning
- Clarify tasks


What are the disadvantages of On the Job training?

- Mentor may not be suitable
- May be used unfairly
- Quality of training may not be that good


What are the features of Off the Job training?

- Away from work site
- Planned and conducted by outsiders
- Examples: classroom training, educational institutions


What are the advantages of Off the Job training?

- Delivered by a specialist
- A controlled learning development
- Permits variety


What are the disadvantages of Off the Job training?

- Costs money
- Uses valuable time
- May have to stray from normal duties to help out


What is Performance Management?

- A strategic and integrated response to organisational success by improving the performance of the people who work in the organisation
- Converts organisational objectives into targets for departments, teams and individuals
- Performance appraisal: used to evaluate and improve performance over time.


What makes a good Performance Appraisal?

• Personal bias - no favourites
• The halo effect - when someone is good at everything so there is an assumption that they are good at this certain job (you have to be honest with appraisal)
• Unclear standards of performance - unclear workplace expectations are not to be expected to be met
• Activity trap - busy doing activities and not doing work, being busy but not achieving anything


What are the reasons for reviews?

• Feedback
• Improvement
• Remuneration
• Promotion and goal review
• Training needs
• Necessary records


Explain the benefits of a quality development plan.

The benefit of a quality development plan to have clear goal set. This will increase the success and importance of businesses priorities and make sure that everyone in the business knows exactly what they are doing. A development plan that is clearly set out and understandable is necessary for the making of a successful and happy workplace.