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looking at their footwear

pattern of wear on soles - should be symmetrical
correct size
no materials which may cause foot injury


inspection of foot/leg

skin colour, integrity, signs infection, hair loss:
-cyanosis, pallor
-venous/arterial ulcers
-foot calluses

between toes + nails: cuts, fungal infection

deformities: hallux valgus, charcot's arthropathy, overriding toes


assessing circulatory function

-temp, colour, varicosities, oedema
-cap refill
-pulses (femoral only if can't palpate others)


assessing neurological function

-vibration sense
-soft and sharp touch
-monofilament test
-ankle reflec


assessing MSK function

-plantar and dorsi-flexion ankle joint and toes
-inversion and eversion midtarsal + subtalar joints