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Atractyloside affects the production of ATP by phosphorylation through what mechanism?

Prevention of entry of ADP into the mitochondrial matrix and exit of ATP out of the mitochondria.


Which of the following amino acids is strictly glycogenic?
a. Leucine
b. Lysine
c. Phenylalanine
d. Tryptophan
e. Alanine

E. Alanine

Purely ketogenic: Leucine, Lysine
Both: Phe, Tyr, Iso, Tryptophan


Newborn fed with water with table sugar presented with vomiting, and seizures. HGT noted profound hypoglycemia. What is the diagnosis?

Aldolase B deficiency
Hereditary Fructose intolerance


What substance is involved in the pathophysiology of DKA?

B-hydrobutyric acid


The rate limiting enzyme in fatty acid synthesis.

Acetyl Coa carboxylase


Pediatric patient has mental retardation, noted cherry red spot on macula and Traube space is not bilateral. What particular inborn error of metabolism and enzyme deficient?

Diagnosis: Tay-Sachs disease
Deficiency: Hexosaminidase A


Apolipoprotein found in chylomicrons.

Apo B48

Apo B100: VLDL/LDL
Apo CII: activates LPL
Apo E: remnants
ApoA1: activates LCAT


Urea cycle disorder triad.

* Hyperammonemia
* Encepalopathy
* Respiratory Alkalosis


It is a dyslipoprotenemia characterized by slow clearance of chylomicron and VLDL, with low levels of LDL and HDL, and is associated with no increased risk of CAD.

Type 1 or Familial LPL deficiency


Branched chain amino acids.

Isoleucine, Leucine, Valine