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What is the disadvantage of postal questionnaires?

Loe response rate, unless an incentive is given (like the census)


What are the advantages of postal questionnaires?

Researcher doesn't interact with the respondent, no particular skills required
Can reach a large geographical area.


What are the advantages of self-completion questionnaires?

Good for sensitive topics - anonymous
Easy to analyse, quantify results + make comparisons


What are the disadvantages of self-completion questionnaires?

Only high response rate if an incentive is given
Inflexible - can't change the Qs once sent out
People may give socially desirable answers
Relies on the respondents interpreting the Q correctly.
If posted online, limited to those who have a computer


What are some general disadvantages of questionnaires?

Lacks qualitative data - can't establish verstehen and the data is low in validity
Participants can choose not to answer certain Qs - not full set of data


What are some general advantages of questionnaires?

Generally not too probing - if they are researchers often make them anonymous
Quit to fill in, increases response rate
Quantitative data: easy to quantify, see correlations, reliable, no specialist skills required.


Who would prefer to use questionnaires?



What are the advantages of semi-structured interviews?

It allows the researcher to have some control over the direction of the interview but also allows flexibility.
It involves less personal skills than a unstructured interview.
Allows for a mixture of quantitative (comparable data) and qualitative (descriptive data).


What are the advantages of group/ focus interviews?

It's less time consuming and cheaper than interviewing them individually.
It enables the research to observe + interpret actions + interactions between the participants.


What are the disadvantages of group/focus interviews?

Could be problematic when researching sensitive topics as participants may not want to share.
Demand characteristics + social desirability are more likely to have a more significant impact.