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What are the practical issues?

£, time, access, personal skills, researcher characteristics


What do practical issues concern?

Can the researcher be done in real life circumstances?


How can £ be an issue?

All methods cost £ but some are cheaper than others.
The research that wants to be carried out depends on how much funding (if any ) will be granted.


How can time be an issue?

It can have a huge impact on what is studied - if it takes too long, fungi may not be granted.


How is access an issue?

Some social situations are easier to gain access to.
Can be a problem if the research needs to be conducted in a 'closed setting' e.g. school, prison - needs to be approved by a gatekeeper.


How are personal skills an issue?

Some methods require the sociologist to be trained in specific skills or to have particular personality traits (particularly with covert observations).


How can researcher characteristics be an issue?

Such as: age, gender, case, ethnicity.
Some topics are difficult for certain researchers.


What are the ethical issues?

Deception, RTW, informed consent, sensitivity, protection.


How can deception be an issue?

Can create serious ethical problems, such as people lying to people IOT win their trust or obtain information.
However, some sociologists argue that the use of covert methods may be justified in certain circumstances.


How can the RTW be an issue?

All participants need to be aware that they can leave the research at any time with no repercussions e.g. covert observations


How can informed consent be an issue?

Research participants should be offered the right to refuse to take part. The researcher should tell them all relevant aspects of the research so that they can make an informed decision.
Consent should be obtained before research begins.


If children are involved then who has to give informed consent on their behalf?

Permission has to be obtained from their parents/ guardians.


How can sensitivity be an issue?

If someone has to talk about a sensitive event in their life, such as abuse/ rape, they may find this upsetting.
Researchers should keep the ID/ personal details of the participants confidential IOT help prevent possible -ve effects on them.


How is protection be an issue that needs to be considered?

Vulnerable groups such as children, the elderly or disabled AND the sociologists themselves need to be protected.


What are the theoretical issues?

Quantitative methods, qualitative methods, positivism, interpretivism


How can quantitative methods create issues?

These aim to achieve high validity - a true picture of what something is really like, focuses on meanings.
They are more subjective and therefore less reliable.


Who takes the bottom-up approach?



Who takes the bottom-down approach?