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Are disorders of the Pituitary usually anterior or posterior?

Anterior pituitary


What are most pituitary disease caused by?



Hyperactivity of the AP can be affecting trophic and non trophic hormones. They can be functional or non functional. Explain what functional, and non functional would cause to happen?

Functional = increased secretion
Nonfunctional = not secreting


What would be an example that would be caused by hypersecretion of the AP?

The glands that it is targetting to be stimulated, excessively


Hyperactivity of the PP, what is the main disease we look at?

Syndrome of Inappropriate Anti Diuretic Hormone (SIADH)


What does the ADH cause to happen?

Water to be retained, sodium will follow


in SIDAH, is there hyper or hyposecretion of ADH?



What is the etiology of SIADH?
Explain how this etiology works?

Ectopic tumors: secreting chemicals that act like ADH, so they bind to ADH receptors on the collecting tubules in the kidney


What does SIADH cause to happen? (3)

1. ^^ Water Rention, Na+ will then follow
2. Dilutional Hyponatremia (fluid in excess retained, Na+ in normal concentration
3. RAAS not happening (d/t high BP of the fluid being retained, therefore Na+ not being reabsorbed.)


What is the treatment for SIADH?
1. Mild
2. The other 2 Tx's

1. restrict fluids
2. Diuretics
3. ADH antagonsits (block receptors)