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Capital in the twentieth century. Documentary about wealth inequality. How we got to here.

1. In the Industrial Age, machines took jobs away from men.

2. The machines became standardized.

3. In America, there was massive amounts of land but few people to work the land. People had more children to get more farming done. This was how people got food and shelter to survive.

4. Problem was getting enough workers. Families would go to New Orleans, buy slaves as an asset. Slaves were easy to move around to where the work became available. The purchased slaves provided more collateral. Then the farmer borrowed more money and the cycle continued.

5. This new prosperity created a new market. FASHION,

6. People created a desire to have latest fashion, latest car, latest housing with modern inventions.

7. Christmas was originally a huge street party to celebrate with friends. It was rowdy with drunks, fights etc. Capitalist created an untapped new market of gift giving. The idea exploded worldwide and capitalist got super rich. Merchants got super rich also and they started building larger and larger stores. This created massive job markets!

8. Now this became social pressure to buy and exchange gifts, buy Christmas trees and Christmas decorations. Christmas parties. The whole idea became self feeding and people were bankrupting themselves.

9. The manufacturers made a huge amounts of money. They started advertising and this self fed another giant market of spending and jobs.

10. Technology created lots of monopolies.

11. In 1917, 1% of the population owned 70% of all assets!

12. Two thirds of people die without any assets. This imbalance creates a huge inequality worldwide. It brings the First World War in 1914.

13. The British empire was so powerful, it had a quarter of the world’s population.

14. The other countries wanted their piece of the cake. Especially GERMANY, so they just took it!

15. Britain takes on the Germans and thinks the fight will be over in a few months. Instead, it goes on for years and decimates both populations.

16. WWI becomes a war about capital. It creates a massive economic crash.

17. In the 20’s the middle class begins to rise in power. Women suddenly have rights and can vote. Prosperity takes popularity stocks go wild and the roaring 20’s turns into a big party.

18. Stocks go up. Stocks are used as collateral to buy even more stocks and a stock bubble is created.


19. Credit goes wild then suddenly the market crashes. Banks fail. People cannot pay their bills. The economy fails. Jobs are lost. Homes and cars are lost. People go hungry. Disparity permeates the world.

20. Riots, turmoil, chaos ruled the day. America was on the brink of going communist if stability was not established.

21. Germany has to pay other countries reparations. This makes Germany go broke with hyperinflation. A loaf of bread cost a wheelbarrow of German marks!

22. Fascism grows popular in Germany and Hitler rises to power with his Nazi political party. Like Trump, Hitler says, I’ll make Germany great again”.

23. So like before, Germany starts invading other countries to seize the booty.

24. WWII starts to pull America out of depression.

25. Until 1914 the middle class did not exist in America.

26. Interesting to note that Hitler, Reagan and Trump capitalize on the slogan, “We will make Germany/America great again”.

27. Two thirds of children today are on track to be more poorer than their parents.

28. Today, giant corporations move money off shore and pay taxes to poorer nations but the consumers that made the giant corporations wealthy do not benefit from off shore taxes, so America gets more poor. The corporations get more rich, and for instance, Bermuda gets the tax money instead of America.

29. Jobs. In the 19th century, we had millions of horses working for us. Today they are all but gone working for us. Technology creates jobs only so long as we have work left for humans. When technology replaces humans, humans will not have jobs. No work!

30. Driving is by far the largest employer in EVERY state. Within a decade we won’t use humans for driving because technology does it much better, cheaper and much faster. A truck driver must take a sleep break everyday. Plus they can only do a limited amount of driving per day. A self driving truck can drive around the clock virtually forever. It can deliver coast to coast in a day and a half what takes a human a complete week!