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Tasmania, a medium sized island, south of Australia.  Cut off from Australia in 10,000 BCE because of ice melt that raised sea levels.  A few thousand were left cut off on the island.  They had no contact with other humans until the arrival of Europeans in the 19th century (1800's).

For 12,000 years the Tasmanians thought their Island was the entire world!  

How many separate worlds existed on Earth?

Many thousands of them at 10,000 BCE -- Ref Sapiens P 166, 167

[MN:  This explains why so many different Gods and saviors.  Later it explains the syncretism of Gods.  For Example:  If you were suddenly going into the car making business, you would not reinvent the wheel.  You would use whatever already works successfully with people.  Steering wheels, radios, tires, engine and transmission, seats, wipers, etc.

This compliments what Anthropologist always say.  "Every civilization without fail has their creation myth, their Gods and their saviors."

And they all think their God is the one true God!  -- The Fuerbach Principle.]