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Some notes on French Revolution

French Revolution by 60,000 fish cutting women with knives who force Louie the 16th. and Marie Antonette to travel from Versaillies to paris with the heads of the guards cut off and put on pikes.

Once in Paris, King and Queen are prisoners of these 60,000 fish women with knives.  

1791.  Two years of being prisoners b the women.

June 1791, King and Queen undeer disguise slip out of Paris to Meaux, running to Austria.  Louis 16th. is caught escaping and sent back to Paris.  Now Louie was viewed as a traitor.

Ropespierre was head of rebellion and wants to end Medevil past.

guillotine take center stage in Europe.  Called the National razor.  French republic is born.  King Louie 16th. to be guilotined!

June 1793, Love must Die.  10:20 a.m., Louie beheaded.  200,000 more heads will fall!

Marie Antonette was 38 at her trial for treason.  She was guilotined.  She was the last Queen of France.

Constitution is suspended; no rights for people.

Wanted to destroy Catholic church.  Churches destroyed.

1792 the Calendar starts instead of starting with the birth of Christ.  100,000 People killed in one day!

Ropespierre was a sucessful terrorist leading Frenh revolution.  "Reighn of Terror".

1794; The great terror.  800 executions per month.