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During the French Revolution, 25,000 people were guillotined! These mostly were the leaders of France and their cronies.

The Napoleonic Code laid the ground work of many modern governments today.

1. Equality of all in the eyes of the law,
2. No recognition of privileges of birth.
3. Freedom of religion.
4. Separation of church and state.
5. Freedom to work in the occupation of one’s own choice.
6. Farmers could purchase their own land, this ended feudalism.


Napoleon was a brilliant general. In one famous battle he left a very weak flank as bait. The enemy (Austria) took the bait, then Napoleon’s forces surrounded the entire enemy. The enemy fled to the only open area of safety, a frozen lake.

Napoleon then ordered his artillery to fire upon the lake, breaking the ice and drowned all the enemy troops! Brilliant!

In Russia, because of the endless retreats from the Russians, Napoleon backtracked to France, only to find the Russians employed the scorched earth strategy.

With no food or water, Napoleon’s men were starving and weak. Their tin coat buttons popped off and massive groups of men died. By the time they returned to France, out of 600,000 men, only 40,000 survived!