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What attracted people to move to Dubai after the global economic crisis?

The Arab springs aftershocks convinced many company to relocate to the city and surrounding region of 2 million people because of its stability. Other firms are attracted because of the proximity to some of the worlds largest markets, from Europe to the emerging economies of Africa, India and East Asia.


How much of Dubai's economic output does oil and gas account for in 2012.

Only 5%.


How well does Dubai serve the pedestrian?

Developments in the newer section of Jumeirah were built for the automobile, not pedestrians. Dubai Metro, the city's futuristic rail network, is impressive but its two lines still leave much of the city unserved.


What did local leaders of Dubai announce in 2012 that would start to tackle their unsustainable lifestyles?

Local leaders unveiled a 48 sq km (18.5 sq miles) solar energy park that promises 1,000 megawatt capacity upon completion.


Describe the benefits of Dubai's solar scheme.

DEWA 13 is situated in Seih Al Dahal, about 50km south of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. The plant, currently the largest photovoltaic (PV) solar power facility in the region, covers an area of 59 acres or 238,764 square meters, which is sufficient to accommodate approximately 33 football pitches.


What has Dubai done in 2012 to reduce waste?

Throughout the UAE, each member of the population generates about 2.5kg of rubbish each day. This adds up to more than 900kg per person per year, which is approximately 400kg more per person than in countries such as France and Italy. Most of Dubai’s waste ends up in landfill. However recycling points have been introduced throughout the city.


Name a project in Dubai, aiming to be more eco-friendly.

One huge project that claims it embraces green building is Dubai Pearl, a £3.8bn development that promises the luxury expected in Dubai with more environmentally responsible construction.


How will the Dubai pearl aim to achieve its goal to attain LEED gold certification?

Restaurants and residences will have to separate food waste for collection. Its overall design will incorporate reduced electricity and water consumption, a tall order because both are highly subsidised and therefore offer residents no incentive to conserve either resource. Up to 35% of its space will be landscaped to provide green space that is currently lacking outside of local golf courses.


What will the social aims of the Dubai Pearl be?

Finally, the project aims to be socially responsible, an issue crescendoing throughout Dubai because of routine allegations over the abuse of migrant labourers. When I (Mr Guardian) visited the construction site, prominently displayed signs boasted that not one workplace injury had occurred.


What are the uses of the Dubai Pearl?

The Project is a unique mixed use integrated luxury development which will feature branded podium and tower residences, branded hospitality, retail, leisure, and entertainment and intelligent offices.


When will the Dubai pearl be completed?

Work on the Dubai Pearl will restart in December, with the $6bn megaproject set to be completed “by 2018”, the developer’s chief executive has said.