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When to Conduct a BST

- Any driver of a motor vehicle on a road
- Any person attempting to drive a motor vehicle on a road
- Any person GCS recently committed an offence against the LTA 1997 involving driving of a motor vehicle
- A driver of a motor vehicle involved in a crash
- Where driver is not known and you have GCS passengers involved in crash


Alcohol Limits

Breath Adult: 400mcg/l
Blood Adult: 80mg/100mls

Breath U20: 150mcg/l
Blood U20: 30mg/100mls


Suspension & Impound Limits

Mandatory 28 day license suspension if:

Breath: 650mcg/l
Blood: 130mg/100mls

Breath 400mcg/l & Blood 80mg/100mls if they have been convicted of a relevant offence in last four years

Failed or refused blood test at request of enforcement officer or authorised medical person

If above applies and they have two previous convictions, mandatory 28 day impoundment