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LTA 1998
Section 114

Stopping vehicles and demanding details

You have the power to stop a vehicle for traffic purposes, and demand driver and vehicle owner details


LTA 1998
Section 113

General roadway-related powers

DIRECT a driver/passenger to give full details
INSPECT any vehicle/LT documents
MOVE or authorize any person to move any vehicle that is an obstruction/hazard
DIRECT driver to move vehicle if obstruction/hazard
ORDER unlicensed driver not to drive (forbid)
DIRECT driver/pedestrian to a particular line (point duty)


LTA 1998
Section 115

Banning vehicles from the road

Can green sticker a vehicle on a road if it fails to comply with regulations or rules

Can pink sticker a vehicle on a road if it is not in a safe condition to be driven on a road. Must be inspected by a authorised vehicle inspection agent that does not carry out repairs


LTA 1998
Section 121

Taking keys and forbidding to drive
FARMED - where incapable or fails/refuses CIT

FORBID for specified time
ALL keys surrendered
RENDER vehicle immobile
MOVE any vehicle that is obstruction/hazard
EBA must be forbidden for 12 hrs
DIRECT to specified place to rest if driving hours exceeded


LTA 1998
Section 118

Enforcement officer can demand the drivers details from the owner/hirer of a vehicle within 14 days for any offence under any act involving a vehicle. If after pursuit then must be immediately.


LTA 1998
Section 95

Suspend driver license for 28 days


LTA 1998
Sections 96

Seize and impound vehicle for 28 days


LTA 1998
Section 96 (1A)

Power to seize vehicles for 28 days (boy racers)

- Racing or unnecessary exhibition of speed or acceleration, on a road
- sustained loss of traction


LTA 1998
Section 122

Power to seize for 12 hours

For reasons of public safety (May extend by a further 12 hours if circumstances have not changed)


LTA 1998
Section 123

Power to seize and impound vehicles for 7 days for forensic examination


LTA 1998
Section 119

Powers of entry, by force if necessary, to carry out EBA procedures


LTA 1998
Section 90

Suspend a driver for 3 months if they reach 100 current demerits

Disqualify drivers who do not a hold a current drivers licence for 3 months