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Gases released by combustion off fossil fuels

-sulfur dioxide
-nitrogen oxide


How do fossil fuel gas form acid in rain clouds

Sulfur dioxide dissolves in water vapour in the air forming clouds. Acids such as sulphuric and nitrate are produced and fall as acid rain.


Why does acid rain affect areas far away from the initial release of the gases that produce it?

The prevailing winds carry the clouds that produce the acid rain for hundreds of miles before the rain actually falls


Affects of acid rain

-causes the soil to become more acidic and often means that the trees are no longer living in good growth conditions. (Defoliation)
-causes water to become more acidic which poisons fish
-corrosion of stonework on buildings/dissolves limewater and marble


How to reduce effects of acid rain

-use fertilisers that trap these harmful gases in power stations and factories
-other sources of generating electricity, couch as wind, water, solar and nuclear power maybe better long term solutions than fossil fuels
-neutral cud in the lakes and plant new trees to replace destroyed ones


Factors to measure the rate of global warming

-carbon dioxide levels in the air
-sea level
-ice density



These are simple plants that often grow on the roof tiles of houses and also on the bark of trees (yellow/grey)


How can lichens be used to monitor levels of pollution

Most will not grow where there are high levels of air pollution. Relatively rare in industrial towns or cities but become quite abundant in many rural areas. By monitoring the number of lichens overtime it is possible to monitor pollution levels.


How can bloodworms measure levels of water pollution

The are red in colour and are particularly common in polluted waters. They are a good indicator of eutrophication as they are particularly abundant in water with low oxygen levels


Indicator species

A species whose numbers indicate the amount of pollution


How can government play a role in reducing carbon emissions

-Decisions on energy sources, limits on CO2 emissions, regulations in house insulation so or grants for installing solar heating and taxing cars
-advertising and education


How can government play a role in increasing renewable energy

Key planning decisions on nuclear power stations and wind farms, providing grant aid for household solar power fund research


How can government play a role in reducing agricultural pollution

Ensure regulation to limit fertiliser application and maintain river quality, encourage sustainable development by providing financial and other support for projects


Kyoto protocol

It is a summit that produced a widespread agreement on approaches to reduce the pollution associated with climate change.
Wants to reduce CO2 emissions