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child benefit

-amount paid is £20.70 per week for the eldest child and £13.70 for each additional child
-shows helpful as helps to tackle inequality as important to those who have a very low income and make big difference to the family income in a poor household

-benefit not paid in full to households with a high income, after £50,000 the amount of child benefit paid is reduced
-shows helps to reduce inequality as families on low income get more in benefit than high-income families



- amount paid is £122.30 p/w for a single person.

-those with total income below £159.35 can also claim a benefit called Pension Credit – approx. 1.9 million claim this, up to 1/3 of people who are entitled are not claiming

-pensioner poverty has fallen dramatically; in 2003 it was 24%, but is now 16%
-shows gov’t policies, especially Pension Credit, have helped to tackle this inequality


benefits cap

-introduced to make it impossible for those on benefits to have a higher income than those in work

-rate of the benefits cap was initially set at £26,000 and in 2016 was reduced further to £20,000

-gov says will make working more of an attractive idea and encourage less people to claim benefits

-however can cause further discrimination for single parents who now have smaller benefits and cannot manage to work