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-2017 GE voting turnout went up 2% to 69%
-showing that the general public understand the system and it is becoming increasingly attractive to vote

-creates strong party Govs, Cameron in 2015 general election, Blair in 97, 01,05

-Katie Ghose argues "leaves millions disenfranchised and forces millions more to feel they have to vote for a lesser evil"
-shows with a system where so many votes are wasted , many feel their votes are unvalued and therefore will be pressured to voting for the main two parties or put off voting altogether

-ethnic minorities making up 13% of pop, vote considerably in favour of labour at 73% but seeing as distributed amongst cities, votes hardly counted



in 2003, Greens and SNP won 13 out of the 56 regional seats in second ballot, regarded as rainbow parliament, very popular
-shows a system that encourages coalitions and more views in parliament would be well received

-helps women get elected, in '99, 37% of total Scottish parliament membership were women, double the amount at the commons at the time
-shows far more democratic and promotes equality than FPTP (conc)



- would see results like conservatives securing 282 (43.4%) seats instead of 318 (48.9%). The party’s vote share was 42.4%.
-shows that there would be major changes to the proportion of seats that each party win, this way of voting, would be using a far more democratic and PR electoral system

-however turnout at 2016 local council elections 46.5% compared with 55.6% at the parliament elections under AMS
-shows STV too complicated and puts off voters
-shows that AMS retains the large turnout and is less complicated for voters to understand (conc)



-AMS best, remains simplicity of FPTP but doesnt put off voters with complexity

-avoids risk of extremist parties coming to power with the 'threshold' that prevents parties with less than 5% of the vote being included in parliament

-no votes are wasted, takes whole countries viewpoints into account