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equality act 2010

-most recent legislation to tackle pay gap and gender discrimination
Equal pay for a women (or man), for work of equal value
Requires companies with 250+ workers to publish pay rates
-shows government notice workplaces discriminate and this precaution will decrease it

-however this new legislation allows for positive discrimination if a group is under-represented


pay gap

-Women aged 40+ are most affected, particularly those aged 50-59 who are paid, on average, 27% less than men
-shows the pay gap has been embedded in our society for a long time as older women workers are paid the worst

-current gap stands at 18%


glass ceiling

in 2017 only 11% of CEOs of banks are women

Women make up only 25% of directors on the boards of FTSE 100 companies

Gov’t favours voluntary measures, e.g. for FTSE to reach 33% of women on boards by 2020

Fawcett Society found 440, 000 women a year miss out on promotion due to pregnancy