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What is hematocrit?

The ratio of the volume of RBCs to the volume of the whole blood


What is anemia?

Decrease in total red cell mass; reflected by hematocrit and hemoglobin


What is counting platelets important for identification of?

Hemostatic abnormalities like Coagulopathies


What indicates normocytic anemia?

Acute hemorhage indicated by a normal MCV. Just losing blood.


What is indication for microcytic anemia?

This is an iron deficiency and is indicated by a decreased MCV (mean corpuscular volume)


Macrocytic anemia is indicated by what?

This is a B12 deficiency and is refelcted by an increased MBV.


How is ESR measured?

It is the speed that RBCs fall in a tube under gravity and reflects the amount of negative charge.

-Acute phase reactants promote RBC separation and a more rapid fall rate in the test.

So high ESR can be increased inflammation.

-Should use with a CRP to confirm.


What does total leukoyte count include?

Includes PMNs, lymphocytes, monocytes, eosinophils, basophils

-left shit reflects increase in bands, indicating these cells have been mobolized from the bone marrow.


What is increased MPV a sign of, what about decreased MPV?

Increased MPV is a sign of platelet loss due to peripheral destruction

-decreased MPV is most often marrow suppression