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How can radio contrast ellicit an immune response?

Direct activation of mast cells, this is not a type I hypersenstivity though. Rather it causes the mast cells to bascially explode and release their granules.


What is important to note about this image?

There is Blue on the right side and blue is bad


What is this?

This is fibrinoid necrosis of a vessel in the tissue surrounding the ovary. The wall of hte artery is markedly iniflamed by mononuclear cells and neutrophils. This results in ischemia and abdominal pain

-This is also known as vasculitis


What is this?

Vasculitis possible polyarteriris nodosa.

-Hep B and C are often found in cases of vasculitis nodosa with antigen-aB complexes with hepatitis antigen, fix in the vessels and activate complement and neutrophils leading to vasculitis


What is the important antibody in scleroderma?



What is the imporant antibody in SLE?

Anti-native DNA, or anti-dsDNA, or anti-smith


What is a common manifestation of scleroderma?

Raynods phenomenom due to vasoconstriction in the fingertips cutting of blood flow.


What is this?

This is scleroderma. Note the fibrosis of the tdermis and the vitrual absence of normal hair follicles and sweat glands. Note the epidermal atrophy above the fibrosis

-causes the skin to be tight due to the dermal fibrosis

-sometimes they get sardonic facis ( cant smile due to skin tightness


What is this?

This is a medium sized arteriole that has concentral intimal and medial fibrosis. "Onion Skin". Vascular lesions can lead to renal fibrosis and atrophy.

Manifestation of the kidney in slecroderma. The kidneys are usually dramatically affected in most cases of systemic sclerosis.


What are the antigens for SLE?

DNA, RNA, and native DNA, anti-dsDNA


What is important antibdoy associated with systemic sclerosis syndrome (scleroderma) and what is its nature of antigen?

anti-scl-70, nature of antigen is DNA topoisomerase I


What is the important antibody is Sjogrens syndrome and the natural antigen form?

SS-A (Ro) or SS-b(La), from RNP


How can you treat raynauds phenomenon?

With vasodilator like viagra


What is this?

Crescent Glomerulonephritis. The crescent-shaped cellular infiltrate within the bowman's capsule indicates severe damage to the glomerulu,s from which it will not recover. Scarring will ensure, which will cause this glomerulus to cease filtering blood.

-seen in Goodpastures and Vegner (rare).

-this is called rapid progressive glomerulonephritis


What is Gel and Coombs classification for RPGN?

Type II,

this is goodpastures


What is Gel and Coombs for Lupus?

Type III