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Elbow Joints (2)

Synovial Hinge: between distal humerus and proximal ulna and radius. Flexion and extension ONLY

  1. humeroradial joint: btw captiulum and head of radius
  2. humeroulnar joint: btw trochlea and tochlear notch of ulna


Elbow joint capsule

very thin capsule

attachesanteriorly to area proximal to coronoid and radial fossae and to the annular ligament

attachesposteriorly to olecranon fossa and the trochlear notch

synovial capsule is continuous with the proximal radioulnar joint


Elbow joint ligaments (2)

  1. radial (lateral) collateral: fan shaped, lateral epicondle --> tubercle on medial margin of coronoid process on radius
  2. ulnar (medial) collateral: triangular, has 3 bands
  • anterior: front of medial epicondyle-->tubercle on medial margin on coronoid
  • posterior: lower back part of medial epicondyle --> medial margin of olecranon
  • oblique: olecranon-->coronoid, ulna to unla,  stability to prevent dislocations


Elbow joint bursa (4)

  1. two associated with olecranon
    1. subcutaneous
    2. deep to the tendon of the triceps
  2. radioulnar: between extensor digitorum, supinator, and radiohumeral joint
  3. interosseal: behind the supinator, lateral to triceps
  4. bicipitoradial: between biceps and tuberosity of the radius


innervation of the elbow joint (5)

  1. musculoctaneuous: anterior lateral compartment
  2. radial: post lat
  3. ulnar: post med
  4. median: ant med
  5. anterior interossus: branch of median


blood supply of the elbow joint

  • anastomosis of the elbow: brings brachial in connection with radial and ulnar arteries
  • permits circulation to the forarm and wrist even with complete flexion
  • components
    • brachial artery
    • deep (profunda) brachial 
    • ulnar: recurrent and collateral
    • radial: recurrent and collateral



movements of the elbow joint

flexion and extension ONLY


Proximal Radioulnar Joint type

Synovial pivot: btw convex head of radius and concavity on the ulna

formed by the head of the radius and the radial notch on the ulna


Proximal Radioulnar Joint ligament

annular: circles the head of the radius forming 4.5 of the ring, allows for supination and pronation and free movement of the radius


Innveration of th Proximal Radioulnar Joint (3)

  1. musculocutaneous
  2. median
  3. radial


Blood supply to the Proximal Radioulnar Joint

same as the elbow joint, anastomosis of the elbow


Movements of the Proximal Radioulnar Joint

pronation and supination, radius moving on a fixed ulna


Nursemaids Elbow

When the radius is pulled out of the annular ligament by forces on the distal extremity

common in kids 1-3

frequently dislocated by swinging kid or pulling on upper extremity too hard

fixed by making them fully extend and supinate and then pulling


Tommy John Surgery

needed when there is damage to the ulnar collateral ligament.

repaired with a small tendon grafts, usually the palmaris longus used as a thread and sewed through drilled holes in the ulna and humerous.

makes the joint stronger than it was originally, controversial, especially for pitchers