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muscles in the thenar compartment

1. adductor pollicis brevis
2. flexor pollicis brevis
3. opponens pollicis


abductor pollicis brevis

flexor retinaculum, scaphoid, trapezium --> base of proximal phalanx
recurrent branch of median
abduct the thumb, assist with opposition


flexor pollicis brevis

flexor retinaculum, scaphoid, trapezium, and palmar surface of 1st metacarpal -->base of pro phalanx of thumb, medial to abd. pollicis brevis
recurrent branch of the median
flex thumb at MP and CMC joints, aid in opposition


Opponens pollicis

flexor retinaculum& trapezium --> lateral aspect of palmar 1st metacarpal
recurrent branch of median


Muscles in the hypothenar compartment

1. abductor digiti minimi
2. flexor digiti minimi
3. opponens digiti minimi
4. palmaris brevis


abductor digiti minimi

pisiform, tendon of flexor carpi ulnaris & pisohamate ligament -->medial side base of prox phalanx of little finger and extensor expansion
deep branch of ulnar
abducts and helps flex MP joint of pinky


flexor digiti minimi

lateral to abductor
hook of hamate and flexor retinaculum -->medial base of prox phalanx, fuses with abd. digiti minimi
deep branch of ulnar
flex MCP of pinky


opponens digiti minimi

hook of the hamate & flexor retinaculum ---> medial portion of palmar 5th MC
deep branch of ulnar
draws 5th MP joint forwrard and rotates it laterally


palmaris brevis

in superficial fascia over the hypothenar muscles, protects the ulnar nerve and artery
flexor retinaculum & palmar apaneurosis-->skin of medial palm
superficial ulnar
wrinkles skin on medial aspect of the palm, deepens hollow of the hand


muscles in the central compartment of the hand

1. adductor pollicis
2. lumbricals
3. dorsal interossei
4. palmar interossei


adductor pollicis

oblique head: ant surfaces of 2nd and 3rd metacarpals, capitate, and trapezoid bones
transverse head: ant surface of 3rd metacarpal
----> medial side of base of prox phalanx of thumb

adducts and assists in power grip
deep branch of ulnar



tendons of flexor digitorum profundus(radial side)--->on the lateral radial side of the ectensor expansions distal to MCP joints of the medial 4 digits

lateral 2 fingers: median nerve
medial 2: deep ulnar

flexes MP and extends IP joints of medial 4 digits


dorsal interossei

adjacent sides of 2 metacarpals---> distal expansions and base of prox phalanges
1st: to lateral index
2nd: to lateral middle
3rd: to medial middle
4th: to medial ring

deep ulnar
abduction of index, middle, and ring fingers and assist lumbricals


palmar interossei

palmar surface of MC 2,4,5-->extensor expansions & base of prox phalanges 2,4,5
deep ulnar
adduction of index, ring and pinky and assist lumbricals