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Two features of role of the church

charity - had alms houses, gave out food and money to huge amount of poor
education - poor people educated in church, taught reading and a simple understanding of the bible


Three reasons for Puritan challenge:

1. disliked religious settlement
2. vestment controversy
3. crucifix controversy


why did puritans dislike religious settlement?

puritans were strict protestants who wanted to 'purify' the church and get rid of all traces of the catholic faith. They thought that, as a Protestant, Elizabeth should act like one. They didn't think she should compromise with catholics because protestantism was the one true religion. Explains why puritans were a challenge as they were opposed to her settlement and didn't support her, which meant she had support from neither the puritans nor the catholics. This could be a threat to her throne


what was vestment controversy?

in catholic church priests wear vestments - puritans believed they should be banned. Elizabeth said that priests could wear them if they wished - conflict between her and puritans. Walter Strickland (leader of the puritan group) wanted to reform Elizabeth's new prayer book and ban clergy vestments, but Elizabeth silenced him by closing parliament so his ideas could not be discussed. Shows why Puritans were a challenge because they undermined her and challenged her laws, which could set an example for others to do the same, which was a threat to her throne.


what was crucifix controversy?

crucifix is an image of Jesus on the cross - worn in Catholicism. Puritans thought they should be banned - not protestant. Elizabeth said people could wear them - disagreed with Puritans. Shows why Puritans a challenge as they challenged her over the smallest things, and if they believed her to be too catholic they could revolt and overthrow her