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why was the peabody estate created?

Royal Mint Street initially had a death rate double that in the rest of London, so the land was sold to the peabody trust and the peabody estate was created


what was the problem with the Peabody estate?

during construction the cheap housing was demolished and replaced by more expensive housing, creating an exodus of people who had been forcibly removed from their homes, making the rest of Whitechapel overcrowded


what are three reasons whitechapel was a difficult area to police?

distrust of police, the layout of the streets and the police to citizen ratio


why did poverty make Whitechapel difficult to police?

it meant there was an increase in crime, which took up a lot of the police's time with petty theft


why did the street layout make Whitechapel difficult to police?

it made it easier for criminals to hide from the police in dark alleyways


why did immigration make Whitechapel difficult to police?

society was segregated due to high levels of immigration. racist behaviour took up a lot of police time, and immigrants brought with them a distrust of the police