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If you are a driver involved in a crash, what is the FIRST action you should take?

B. Check there are no injuries


What will happen if you have a rear tyre blowout?

E. The back end will sway from side to side


If you are the driver and you hurt somebody in a crash, who must you report it to?

B. A police officer
You must tell a police officer as soon as possible, and within 24 hours.


What must you do if glass falls on to the road from your vehicle? Check all that apply.

B. Stop and remove the glass yourself if it can be done quickly and safely
C. Tell the police if you can't remove it because you are physically incapacitated


When should you use your hazard lights? Select all that apply.

B. You're changing a tyre on the side of the road
C. Your vehicle has broken down and is being towed


Who can put a blue accident sign up?

B. A police officer


You are driving past a line of parked cars. You notice a ball bouncing out into the road ahead. What should you do?

B. Keep on your side of the road and stop safely


What should you do if your vehicle breaks down on a motorway? Check all that apply.

B. Open your boot and bonnet
C. Put your hazard warning lights on
D. Call for help using a cellphone or a motorway phone
E. Park as far to the left as possible


You are driving on a country road at night when your vehicle headlights suddenly go out. What is the safest thing to do? Select all that apply.

A. Slow down and prepare to stop somewhere safe
C. Turn your hazard lights on


What does a reflectorised triangle placed on the side of the road mean?

A. There's a breakdown or crash ahead


What must you do when you see two red lights flashing outside a fire station?

B. Stop until the lights stop flashing


What will happen if you have a front tyre blowout?

C. The front end will pull towards the side of the blowout


When must you pull over and allow an ambulance or fire engine to pass?

C. If its siren and/or red flashing lights are on


What should you do if an ambulance comes up behind you flashing red lights or sounding its siren?

D. Pull over to the left and slow down or stop if necessary