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.If you have a learner licence can you carry passengers?

C. Yes, but only if a supervisor agrees to it


Can you drive a moped on a car licence?

A. Yes


Which person can legally stop and perform a roadside check of your vehicle?

C. Police officer


If you have a restricted licence when can you carry passengers? Check all that apply.

A. At any time, as long as a supervisor with a full driver's licence is sitting in the front passenger seat (the supervisor must have had the licence for at least 2 years)
B. Between 5am and 10pm, as long as your passengers are your own children or your spouse/de facto partner


Can you be fined if your vehicle is on the road and not up to Warrant of Fitness standard?

A. Yes


When you have a learner licence do you have to have it with you when you drive?

A. Yes


If you have a restricted licence, what hours must you NOT drive on your own?

A. 10pm-5am


What is the maximum distance a load may overhang your truck behind the rear axis?

D. 4m


Passengers in your vehicle are 15 years or over. Who is responsible for making sure they wear a safety belt?

C. The passenger


Your vehicle has a current Warrant of Fitness but a rear red stop light is not working. What should you do?

B. You must fix it immediately


Who is responsible for making a child under 15 years old (0-14) use a safety belt or a safety seat in a vehicle?

B. The driver


What should you do before any modification is carried out on your vehicle?

B. Check with a warrant of fitness inspector


What does a Warrant of Fitness show? Select all that apply

B. The vehicle has been inspected by an approved WoF inspector
C. The month the WoF expires


When you have a learner licence you must always drive with a supervisor. What is a supervisor?

B. A person who has held a full New Zealand driver's licence for more than two years in the same class that you are driving