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What must you do when turning right at a roundabout? Check all that apply.

A. Indicate right as you approach the roundabout
C. Indicate left as you pass the exit before the one you want to take


Can you use a right turn bay to overtake a vehicle travelling straight ahead?

B. No
Correct. Right turn bays are only for vehicles turning right


When turning right from a two-laned road into a one-way street that has two lanes, which lane must you turn into?

B. The right lane


What must you do when turning left into a driveway. Select all that apply

A. Stay in the left turn lane, or keep to the left side of the road
B. check your mirrors and your blind spot
D. slow down before you turn
E. give way to pedestrians already crossing


What is the meaning of a broken yellow line painted on the road near the kerb?

B. No parking


Does this diagram show all the blind spots that a truck driver has? **UNDER DASH,BEHIND COLUMNS,TAIL**

A. Yes - all blind spots are shown


You wish to make a right turn on a narrow country road. There is a vehicle coming towards you and traffic behind you. What is the safest option?

C. Move to the left and wait until the vehicles behind have overtaken you before turning right


What does a yellow reflector (cat's eye) placed on the road mean?

A. No passing


When are you likely to see a slow vehicle bay?**WHITE SIGN,ARROW

C. On a hill


When can flush medians be used? **LANE OF CROSS STRIPES DOWN MIDDLE OF ROAD**

C. To wait for a gap in the traffic while turning


When driving on an unlaned road, where should your vehicle be positioned?

B. As far to the left of the road as is safe


What does a white reflector (cat's eye) placed on the road mean?

D. White marks the centre line


What must you do if you intend to move your vehicle from the right-hand lane to the left-hand lane? Check all that apply.

A. Indicate left for three seconds
B. Check over your left shoulder for your blind spot
C. Check your rear view mirror


What do these road markings mean? **RIGHT TURN BAY**

B. You can turn right at any time here


What does a blue reflector (cat's eye) placed on the road mean?

B. Fire hydrant