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Who is the author?


Paul Ekman

professor of psychology in department of Psychiatry at

University of California Medical School, San Francisco

expert on expression, physiology of emotion

studied emotion for over fourty years

interpersonal deception

renowned expert in nonverbal communication

Distinguished Scientific Contribution Award by American Psychological Association

Editor / Author of thirteen books

consultant to FBI, CIA, lawyers, judges, police, Pixar

fieldwork in universal facial expressions in USA, Japan, Brazil, Papa New Guinea

explorse the evolutionary and behavioral essesences of Anger, Sadness, Fear, Suprise, Disgust, Contempt and Happiness

Universal theme, automatic reactions that unfold in microseconds, actions under our control

exploring each emotion’s unique signals, most subgle expressions that signal the beginning of an emotion

learning to identify emotions in their earliest stages


What do emotions determine?


the quality of our lives

they occur in every relationship we care about:

the workplace, our friendships, dealing with family, intimate relationships

They can save our lives or cause real damage

they may lead us to act in ways that we think are realistic or in ways that we regret terribly afterward

Ex. Could you hide what you were feeling and “act professional” after your boss criticized your work? Why would your boss smile when she started talking? Was her smile meant to reassure you? Could it be a smile of embarrassment? Are all smiles the same?


Why was this book written?



to help readers better understand and improve their emotional life

scientists and laymen know so little about emotions, despite it’s importance in our lives

Answer questions:

are all smiles the same? Why did the boss smile at the beginning of criticism? to reassure me? because of embarrassement?

Why do we become emotional when we do?

What triggers each of our emotions?

Can we remove a particular trigger?


What does each emotion have?


unique signals

in the face and voice


What do emotional triggers triumph over?


Sex drive, hunger drive

People won’t eat food they consider disgusting even if it’s the only thing available

A person may never attempt sexual contact because of fear or disgust

despair can overwhelm the will to live, motivating suicide