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What does a score of 95 in self-awareness look like?


Dave has clear long-term goals, and he doesn’t make sacrifices for short-term gains. Dave is an “up-front” kind of guy who doesn’t play “mind games” with people. I have witnessed this at company meetings and with customers.

Dave took extra care to diagnose the situation, the team, and the customer prior to offering suggestions or mandates for change.

Dave manages his emotions; they don’t manage him. I’ve seen him accept difficult business news with a brief frown, and then he quickly moves beyond that and partners with his team to find solutions to improve the situation.


What does a score of 67 in self-awareness look like?


Giles is very much in his “own little world.” He obviously does care about his coworkers, but he doesn’t seem to know where to draw a line. His personality can be overwhelming, but he doesn’t notice when the other person is feeling annoyed, frustrated or overwhelmed by him.

On group projects, sometimes he gets so focused on the outcome, the process is missed. If he were to take a moment and let all the emotions settle, then take a look at the options to reach the desired outcome, things would go more smoothly.

Giles is passionate about what he does. Sometimes that passion gets in the way. He might not notice that I am busy with something else before he jumps in and starts talking to me. When he is excited, he talks over you, and it is hard to get a word in edgewise. He doesn’t mean to; he just is excited about what he does.


What does a score of 93 in self-management look like?


Lane is the epitome of patience and understanding during heated, emotionally-charged meetings. Others around her become fully embroiled in the discussions, and Lane actively listens and responds with knowledge and wisdom.

I have seen first-hand how well she deals with difficult situations like firing employees. Her reaction to a crisis is excellent. Her ability to separate emotion from logic makes her a good tactical manager.

Lane is sensitive, yet direct and to the point.


What does a score of 59 in Self Management look like?


In stressful situations, or when something goes wrong, Jason sometimes responds too quickly, sharply, or disjointedly. I wish Jason would take some time to cool off and slow down before responding. He’s so emotional. I have seen his coworkers respond in disbelief to the manner in which he communicated with them. Jason means well but can panic when he is stressed. His reactions trickle onto his teammates.

Jason should be more aware of his verbal outbursts, and how they affect both clients and coworkers. He is not mean-spirited; he just cares a great deal about others but these verbal miscues are outbursts that need to be thought out before expressed. These happen when he is stressed…as the old commercial says, “he shouldn’t let them see him sweat so much.”

Jason lets his emotions rule his behavior. Sometimes he acts or speaks hurriedly. I wish he could be a bit more patient and give the situation an opportunity to work itself out before reacting. Many times these situations resolve themselves or aren’t quite as urgent as he perceives, but before you know it, he’s heightened the intensity with a flurry of messages.


What does a score of 61 in self-management look like?


Mei needs to not be so honest. Her staff doesn’t need to know all the bull that goes down. If certain things upset her, she needs to learn to keep them to herself. When she is unhappy, it sets the tone for our team. Mei tends to radiate stress in certain situations, and as a leader, it impacts her team negatively by creating stress and negativity rather than diffusing them.

mei has a hard time congratulating the staff for their accomplishments, and it comes across as jealousy. It feels like I am in competition with her rather than feeling like she wants me to succeed.

Mei needs to be proactive instead of reactive. In times of crisis, she shouldn’t reveal to everyone how stressed she is. She’s so focused and driven to personally succeed that perhaps she takes on too much herself. She has a demanding workload managing the West Coast Team, but she needs to hold her emotions back when people vent about their own problems in meetings.