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Who was the general that fulfilled Lincoln's expectations? What position was he given and when?

Ulysses S. Grant; appointed commander of all Union forces in March, 1864


What was Grant's plan for ending the war?

He would lead a large force against Lee to capture Richmond. At the same time, William Tecumseh Sherman will lead a second army to capture Atlanta.


DEFINE: Total War

War on the enemy's will to fight and its ability to support an army.


Who did Grant order to wage total war and on where?

Philip Sheridan; Shenandoah Valley, Virginia


Where did William Tecumseh Sherman wage total war first? What did he do?

He attacked Atlanta, the manufacturing center of the south. He set the city ablaze. (Destroyed anything useful)


What was Lincoln's biggest fear of the south during the war?

Their passion to win; ruthlessness; having no mercy


What Bill did the confederate congress pass in 1865?

They enlisted black soldiers