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Gettysburg address

A speech by Lincoln in November, 1863, mourned the list and said that their efforts shouldn't go in vain


Emancipation proclamation

A document by Lincoln, had to wait for a victory to issue, allowed black soldiers to fight, gave motivation to union troops, changed the purpose of the war from union to slavery, issued after Antietam


Dangers African American soldiers faced

If they were captured, they will be brought back into slavery


Impact African Americans had on the country

Union army is stronger and larger, 54th Massachusetts, shows that they are brave and capable, equal pay in 1864


Women's roles

Took men's place at home, ran farms, worked in factories, teachers, workers, worked in army as spies, smugglers, were nurses


Election of 1864- Abraham Lincoln vs. George McClellan

McClellan ran against Lincoln, McClellan was about to win but Sherman and Sheridan saved him


Election of 1864- Lincoln's 2nd inaugural address

Lincoln said he'll forgive and forget with south; people were mad


Appomattox court house- grant's terms of surrender

Confederates could go home if they stopped fighting, they could keep horses and mules, and officers could keep weapons


Lincoln's assassination- John Wilkes booth

Ford's theatre
April 14, 1865
Shot in the back of the head
Security was lax, booth snuck in from the balcony


DEFINE: Emancipate

To set free



To attack for an extended amount of time